Let’s Learn Japanese – Lesson one

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Let’s Learn Japanese – Lesson one, When you want to go to Japan, you must definitely have some basic knowledge of the Japanese language. At present, Japan also welcomes English speakers in the workplace, but when you want to go to the supermarket or some other place, where you need to talk to Japanese people, surely some basic knowledge of Japanese knowledge Level is required.Let’s Learn Japanese – Lesson one

Today I am going to teach you some of the very basic and simple Japanese words for your daily use in Japan.

there are three type of character in japanese language

  1. Hiragana
  2. Katakana
  3. Kanji

1. Hiragana

Hiragana is one of three character sets used in the Japanese language.

Each Hiragana letter represents particular syllable. Letter itself has no meaning.

Hiragana is used widely to form a sentence.

In modern Japanese, there are 46 basic Hiragana letters.

Here is the chart of Hiragana letters

a i u e o
ka ki ku ke ko
sa shi su se so
ta chi tsu te to
na ni nu ne no
ha hi fu he ho
ma mi mu me mo
ya yu yo
ra ri ru re ro
wa o (wo)

Now ladies and gentlemen this much for today next lesson is about katakana so please practice this lesson and let me know if you have any queries about the Japanese language I will try my best to solve your problem.

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